“Mac iOS 1”: The iPad Pro and Smart Keyboard’s Melding of Mac OS X and iOS


My iPad Pro with the Smart Keyboard using the Command Key + Tab to Select an Open App

My long awaited Smart Keyboard for the iPad Pro finally came yesterday and after learning some new features, I realized the iPad Pro with the Smart Keyboard is just a precursor of a “blended” version of iOS and Mac OS X.  Before explaining what I mean, let me mention that I didn’t take the time to look at the directions and had a hard time figuring out how to put the Smart Keyboard on my iPad Pro and make it stand without looking at the pictures.  After looking at the diagrams in the directions, I saw that there are two configurations: one in which you use the keyboard and the other in which the keyboard is hidden away.  

I tested to see how strong the magnetic connection is between the iPad magnet and the Smart Keyboard magnet.  The connection is pretty strong but not strong enough to hold the Smart Keyboard up by itself.  The Smart Keyboard fell on the couch a couple times when I let it dangle from my iPad Pro to test the magnet strength.  That may explain why under close examination the Smart Keyboard had a slight tear and lump near the corner of the Smart Keyboard.  But just a drop on a soft couch couldn’t have done that.  Did I miss the imperfection when I unpacked the Keyboard?  I was delighted to see that one of our local Apple Retail stores had finally received a shipment of Smart Keyboards and they kindly replaced my slightly torn one.  Again, I was surprised because the material that makes up the Smart Keyboard seems very durable.  I have been happy to see how well the keys feel when I type and glad to see that I can put the Smart Keyboard on my lap and still use it successfully.

The biggest surprise and revelation came when I learned that by holding down the Command Key, a legend showing the Mac OS X shortcuts for the Apple apps appeared on the screen.  Not iOS shortcuts but Mac OS X shortcuts!  If you hold down the Command Key and hit the Tab Key, a view of all the open Apps shows on the screen and let’s you choose which one you want to go into.  Just like in Mac OS X!  These shortcuts do not appear in iOS when you are just using the iPad Pro as a tablet without the keyboard.  This is what I mean when I stated in the title that iOS and Mac OS X are beginning to be melded, or blended, together.  I really like it.  It’s more fun using my iPad Pro with the Smart Keyboard than it is using my MacBook Air.  When I use my MacBook Air it feels like I’m working.  When I use my iPad Pro with the Smart Keyboard it feels like I’m doing something I enjoy.  Maybe that will wear off later.  But for now, I’m enjoying the preview of the blended version of “Mac iOS 1”!

P.S.  Apple, can you please put in a Settings Option to enable me to map my Caps Lock Key to be the Control Key like I can on my Mac so I can use the Emacs keyboard shortcuts in so many of your applications (e.g. Pages)?  Thanks!


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