IHAWKe-a-thon: Diverse Students Innovating for Hurricane Disasters

Where do you start when you want to change the way victims can respond to hurricane disasters?  Our IHAWKe students started with human-centered engineering, or design thinking, to learn to innovate in interdisciplinary engineering teams for real world situations.


This month, over 40 students from our KU NSBE, SHPE, AISES, and SWE organizations gathered for an overnight engineering competition to design a new product experience for victims of hurricane disasters.  It is part of our reimagined engineering and diversity programs, IHAWKe (Indigenous, Hispanic, African-American, Women, KU Engineering).  The theme of IHAWKe is for our students to Change the World, Connect with Others, and Conquer their Classes.


Our IHAWKe students spent the entire night, until 5am, before hitting it again at 8am to design ways to help hurricane victims.  They began by developing empathy for hurricane victims by interviewing those that have been victims of hurricanes, power outages, accidents and other traumatic events.


The ideas they came up with were fabulous.  They are beginning a two-week iteration of another set of design prototypes in the IHAWKe Lab at the KU School of Engineering. And now the students are raising money to do even more fact and need finding in places that were hit including Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.  Will you help them?  If so, please donate even a small amount to the IHAWKe LaunchKU Crowdfunding page.







Please donate at the IHAWKe LaunchKU Crowdfunding page.


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